Yep, Ruby Rose Knows She Looks Like Justin Bieber

Or does Justin Bieber look like her?

We all know that "Orange Is the New Black" actress Ruby Rose and pop icon Justin Bieber are pretty much the same person.

Or at least, we'd think so if not for the fact that they've hung out and been photographed together.

And if you've been wondering, the answer is yes: Ruby is definitely aware of the visual similarities between herself and the Biebs -- and for that, she is sorry.

For Justin Bieber, that is.

"I hear that he gets asked a lot if he's Ruby Rose, and it must be very frustrating for him," she told Conan O'Brien, when he brought up the much-discussed fact that she and Justin are basically twinsies.

But, she added, of course Conan knows that feel.

"You can relate, because you look like a mix of Tilda Swinton, Meryl Streep, and Joel Edgerton," she joked.

Ha! Ha, ha! Only, ohmigod, he does. Forget Ruby Rose and Bieber; has anyone ever seen Conan O'Brien in the same room as Tilda Swinton? DISCUSS.