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12 'Mockingjay' Tattoos That'll Have You Waving A Three-Fingered Salute

Consensus: REAL.

Tick tock goes the arena clock as we count down to the grand (albeit bloody and destructive AF) finale of "The Hunger Games" trilogy-turned-tetralogy, "Mockingjay - Part 2." And from everything we've seen so far, we're pretty sure the odds are ever in our favor that we're going to spend the entire movie fist-pumping through tears as we watch Katniss and her army of revolutionaries march on the Capitol once and for all.

To steel ourselves for the amount of feels that are coming our way in advance, we decided to celebrate some of the gnarliest "Mockingjay"-themed tattoos ever. Here's something we can definitely all unite around.

  1. The badass back tat that let the fated bird spread her wings.

    (Insert the obligatory 'Girl on Fire' lyrical reference here.)

  2. Cressida got a permanent spot on this person's arm.

    Apropos of nothing -- see what we did there -- we ran across this awesome ink work and were ready to GO.

  3. This subtle reminder that hope is stronger than fear.

    Down with the Capitol. Down.

  4. This three finger-salute design that has it all.

    Put 'em up, Panem!

  5. This simple tat that makes us feel real feels.

    Yes, Peeta, YAS.

  6. Technically, this is the 'Catching Fire' Mockingjay symbol but LOOK.

    Cinna would definitely approve.

  7. This version which calls it like it is.

    A little dreary? Maybe. But this is the world they live in.

  8. This one gives us all the colors.

    Preeeeeeeeetty. Effie Trinket would be all over this one.

  9. Meanwhile, here's a cute spin on a harrowing songbird.

    Perfect for Prim.

  10. And we love this homage to all three book poses of the Mockingjay.

    She's literally rising. As it should be.

  11. And get this fancy take on the symbol.

    There must've been some of Beetee's tech involved in the making of this awesome design.

  12. And, finally, this one that culled so much imagery we’re about to cry just remembering each piece. Agh!