The Creator Of 'Zoey 101' Just Shared Some Crazy Show Secrets

So that's why Zoey got stuck in a bucket.

"Zoey 101" creator Dan Schneider gave fans a real treat today (Aug. 12), uploading a video with various facts about the popular '00s beach boarding school show.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I still wish I'd gone to Pacific Coast Academy. Too bad Schneider quickly pointed out in the video PCA doesn't actually exist. :(

A more shocking revelation is that the eccentric Quinn Pensky, arguably one of the show's most iconic characters, wasn't even in the original script. Just try and image a PCA world without alpacas, Mark Del Figgalo, SCIENCE, and "Quinnventions." *Gasp*

But perhaps the strangest fact involved Jamie Lynn Spears, a bucket and some pretty ~ingenious~ writers.

Thanks for making this, Dan!