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Say Goodbye To Zayn Malik's Black Hair—It's Gone (Again)

At just 22 years old, Zayn Malik has gone gray. That healthy, youthful, raven mane you knew from his time in One Direction is no more. This is a different era—one that requires new hair. Are you ready for it?

BAM. OK, fine, it's DYEDDDDDDD, but it's still pretty shocking, right?

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Just yesterday, I was looking at pictures from his appearance at the "Straight Outta Compton" premiere and thinking, "Huh, Zayn's black hair already grew back? I was really feeling that bleached buzz cut, TBH."

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Here's a picture of that if you don't remember.

Alas, this new Zayn (#realme) is all about changing his 'do at breakneck speed. Just when you get used to something—whether it's him with green or white or something else you decided you liked a lot already—he changes it up on you.

That's OK, though. Change is good! Don't fear the change; embrace it.