Uggie, The Most Famous Dog In Hollywood, Has Died

All dogs go to heaven, but especially this one.

The movie business is saying goodbye to a very good dog today.

Uggie, star of two feature films and the first dog ever to be honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, died at the (old, for a dog) age of 13 this week after being diagnosed with prostate disease.

He left behind a legacy that's enviable even by human standards.

  • Uggie is best known for a tour de force performance in the Oscar-winning movie "The Artist," where he shared the screen with Jean Dujardin and showed off his repertoire of great tricks, including a super-hammy version of "playing dead."
  • That same year, he also rubbed shoulders/noses with Robert Pattinson in "Water for Elephants."
  • In addition to being a movie star, Uggie was a frequent guest at celebrity-studded events, where he was always the center of attention. Here he is with "Paper Towns" actress Halston Sage:
  • And here, with Dame Judi Dench.
  • Alas, like so many brilliant stars, Uggie's light was extinguished too soon.

RIP, Uggie. You were a good, good dog.