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Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose And Bash Reunited In Concert: See The Pics

Smiles all around.

It's been almost a year since fans have seen Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose looking happy together, but that's what seemed to happen in some pictures posted on Tuesday.

For the last night of the Boys of Zummer Tour, which went down in Los Angeles on Monday, Amber brought the former couple's son, Sebastian, to watch his pops perform. But it turned into more than that.

The star of the night really looked to be Bash. Wiz brought his young'n out onstage, and the results were a combination of dancing, shrieking and some father-son love.

When Bash got the mic, he wasn't quite as nimble as pops, but he'll get the hang of it eventually.

Off stage, Wiz and Amber snapped a pic together -- each smiling from ear-to-ear -- along with actor Ryan Hansen, who posted the flick.

"Proud to announce my new gig as Divorce Counselor for @mistercap and @amberrose #boysofzummer," Hansen wrote.

There's no need to try to read deeper into what the reunion may mean. One thing's for sure, though: It's cool to see the whole fam in one place at one time having some fun.