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Ed Sheeran Wrote A Song About Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean'

'You're running out of time, what do you mean?'

We haven't seen this big of a celeb pal collection come together since Taylor Swift united her gal squad to sling fists and other devices of destruction for the "Bad Blood" video.

For the past couple of weeks, Justin Bieber's been rallying his troops hard for his daily "What Do You Mean" countdown, and while we're still not 100% sure what's going on with that, we do quite fancy the lyrical take Ed Sheeran offered on the matter today (Tuesday, August 11).

Biebs has been hosting loads of Insta-cameos from his people -- with selfies by everyone from Mariah Carey to Kylie Jenner to Shaquille O'Neal thrown into the mix -- but Sheeran's is far and away the most creative of the bunch. And besides, any excuse to hear Ed Sheeran belting it out with his acoustic is a good one, word?

Seriously. This guy. He can sing about a broken toaster and we'd still be all swoon.

Also, in case it wasn't obvious from the homemade sign Eddie had taped to his t-shirt there, there are 17 days left in Bieber's mini-campaign, which means we've still got more than two weeks left of these Bieber phone-a-friend contributions to go. Any guesses as to who else'll join in on the fun?