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9 Sweet Snapshots That Show Aubree Houska And Cole DeBoer's Special Bond

The 'Teen Mom 2' kiddo is super-close with her mom Chelsea's beau.

Throughout this season of "Teen Mom 2," Chelsea's compassionate boyfriend Cole has shown he's not only smitten with his ladylove, he also cares deeply for her mini-me Aubree. From attending the five-year-old's Christmas concert to her pre-school graduation, Cole has been extremely supportive of the vivacious kiddo's endeavors and is always on hand to give his support. And as the sneak peek below shows, Aubree is close to calling Cole a new name when he moves in with the mother-daughter duo.

In honor of the pair's special bond -- and thanks to the fact that Chelsea is known for sharing heartwarming images of the two on her Instagram account -- check out nine of Aubree and Cole's cutest snaps below:

  1. Those shoulders look mighty comfy
  2. "If this isn't the face of pure happiness, I don't know what is!"
  3. Congrats to the lady in the cap and gown!
  4. Toasting marshmallows = perfection
  5. Holding hands and the perfect view
  6. Fun in the pool -- and Aubs with the "power splash"
  7. Hopping around the fountains in Los Angeles
  8. The perfect team, getting some house work completed
  9. Learning how to ride -- without training wheels!

+ It's not easy to pick, but what's your favorite Aubree/Cole photo? Share your choice in the comments, and be sure to catch a brand-new episode of "TM2" on Thursday at 10/9c!