Zach Cordner

This 'Real World: San Diego' Alum Returned To Her MTV Roots

Field trip to SoCal!

Back in 2004, eight strangers -- Brad, Cameran, Frankie, Jamie, Jacquese, Robin, Randy, and later Charlie -- called a picturesque San Diego abode home while documenting their "real" lives. Fast-forward 11 years, one erstwhile MTV cast member made a point to visit the beachy SoCal residence during a trip to America's Finest City. And yes, the 5,000-square-foot blue residence -- which is located at the edge of Driscoll's Wharf and overlooks the San Diego Bay -- looks EXACTLY the same.

"The house where 7 strangers stopped being polite and started getting real," Cam -- who recently appeared on Bravo's Charleston-based program "Southern Charm" -- captioned the sunny snapshot above on Twitter. "Had to stop by while in SD! Memories!" the "Challenge" alum added.

Feels like only yesterday the then-19-year-old was innocently flirting with (Free!) Brad and hanging with the gals at stylish mansion bashes. What a "true story."

+ What's your favorite old-school "Real World: San Diego" memory? Share your thoughts in the comments, and see some clips of Cameran in action below!