Gregory Harris/Dazed

Why Amandla Stenberg Is The Fashion Icon We Desperately Need

It's clear Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg is on a quest to change the fashion world. She fearlessly called out Taylor Swift and Katy Perry for using cultural appropriation in their music videos and boldly addressed Kylie Jenner about the (very big) problem with wearing cornrows. Most recently, she spoke with Dazed Magazine about starting a dialogue and inspiring others through her style choices—with a killer fashion spread to boot. Let's check it out.

It's hard to believe Amandla is only 16, but when your BFFs are Tavi Gevinson and Lorde, you're in pretty good company. “It’s so inspiring to see someone in the entertainment industry be vocal about critiquing it,” said Tavi. “I’m lucky I can talk to her about being a young, independent, powerhouse woman—I think a lot about the time she compared losing your sense of self in this world to being unable to uncross your eyes.” Here, Amandla shows off her powerhouse self in a Coach dress and bandana paired with Alexander Wang boots, a cape made out of a flag, and an unapologetic power stance. Yasss.

It's clear Amandla's approach to work is also unconventional—and that's what makes her so amazing. Before her Hunger Games audition, her mom said, “She had a dream of Rue, which influenced how she did her hair and dressed at the auditions.” That meant showing up to the director's house "covered in mud, with leaves and twigs in her hair, for full lost-in the-wilderness effect."

And what's great about her incredibly wise and mature perspective on self-expression is that it extends to all people, even the dudes. In the feature, she describes her full support for Jaden Smith's choice to wear a skirt to prom. “Guys aren’t allowed to express femininity; they have to always appear masculine and that’s bulls--t,” she told the mag. “I love it when guys can be feminine and express their emotions and creativity; it shows strength.” Like we need even more reasons to love this girl.

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