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9 Princesses Of Pop Who Have Earned Madonna’s Blessing

The Queen recently gushed over Beyoncé -- but she's also a big fan of Miley, Taylor, Katy & more.

As the reigning Queen of Pop — a title she’s held for a whopping 33 years — it is Madonna’s royal duty to deem whom among the crop of wannabe successors is worthy of claiming her throne.

But because Madge has voiced her disapproval for pitting women against each other (‘atta girl!), she hasn’t made a competition out of it. Rather, she’s bestowed her blessing among several pop princesses (plus other performers outside of her genre), giving us an idea of the talent and fearlessness Madonna looks for in her peers.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Rebel Heart singer revealed the “last big show” she attended was a Beyoncé concert. She subsequently began raving about Bey (a queen in her own right, thankyouverymuch), praising her as “a great performer” who “puts on a show.”

“She’s a professional, you know what I mean? She ticks all the boxes,” Madge gushed. “She’s great live, and all the stuff around her, it’s complete entertainment. She gives it her all, so I appreciate that. That was really good.”

High praise, indeed. But Beyoncé isn’t alone — check out these nine other artists who’ve earned props from the Queen herself.

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    In a compliment that left Taylor “dead,” Madonna praised the 1989 singer’s writing, saying, "It's good to have princesses [of pop]. It means there's lots of pretty dresses around. I like Taylor Swift. I think she writes some really catchy pop songs. I can't get them out of my head."

    Madge further shared her thoughts on Tay’s success earlier this year when she told Rolling Stone, “She has an opinion, and she’s going against the norm. So in that respect, she is similar to me, yeah. And also, people just want to give her a hard time all the time because they think she’s a goody-two-shoes, so of course I want to embrace her.”

  2. During an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Madonna offered up her somewhat underwhelming but ultimately positive thoughts on Pink, saying, “I like her. She’s cool.” She then gave another nod of approval to Rihanna by opining, “I like her too. I think she’s sexy.” Damn right, M.

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    Despite the two bold artists’ alleged feud — which Madge adamantly shut down earlier this year, BTW — they’ve traded plenty of compliments about each other. Case in point: Madonna recalled the first time she saw Gaga perform live, admitting she was “really impressed by her.”

    “I thought she was really cool and she did remind me of me back in the day,” Madonna said. “I liked her rawness and there was something fresh about her and ballsy, and when she spoke to the audience, she sounded like she had a similar sense of humor to me, quite ironic, and I liked her. So I do think she is very talented.”

  4. Madonna admitted during a Twitter Q&A in 2012 that she just straight-up thinks Katy’s hot. Which totally makes sense, if you think about it. In addition to sharing an appreciation for cone-shaped objects on their breasts, these two basically occupy the same campy niche in pop music — and they do it so well. When asked what she thought of KP, M replied, “She’s hot. If she was my girl, I’d never cheat on her.”

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    Madonna threw us for a loop when she recruited Nicki AND M.I.A. for her danceable jam “Give Me All Your Luvin.’” But it soon became absolutely clear what makes the trio such a perfect team: genuine, indisputable badassness. “I like their independence. I like their spirit,” Madonna said of her fearless comrades. “They’re cheeky and unique and they have individual voices. They’re not conventional pop stars and I really admire them both.”

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    Remember during Miley’s "Unplugged" session when she brought out Madge for a cowboy-themed medley of “We Can’t Stop” and “Don’t Tell Me?” That was just the beginning of this awesome pair’s friendship — since then, we’ve seen them profess their love for each other on Instagram, and Madonna has also stuck up for Miley in the press, like the time she rallied against gender bias and sexism in an empowering interview with Pitchfork.

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    Besides literally giving Britney her kiss of approval in a VMAs moment for the history books, Madonna also collaborated on Brit’s 2003 hit “Me Against the Music” and has come to her defense several times. She once told Elle, “I find it really irritating that everyone beats up on Britney. I want to do nothing but support her and praise her and wish her the best.” SAME, GIRL. Same.