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10 Reasons Cody Simpson Is Actually The New John Mayer

No seriously. Listen closely.

We love Cody Simpson. Though we want his collab album with Justin Bieber to magically drop into our laps immediately, we understand that's not gonna happen. At least we have his latest album, Free, to hold us over, and its its blues-tinged, beachy pop-rock has been doing exactly that.

We'd be lying if we said Cody's jams don't remind us of John Mayer, and we've mentioned their similarities before. One look at Cody's Instagram page and it's clear he's a big fan of John's -- which is cool, because so are we.

We're also big fans of Cody's, so the fact that Cody Simpson is basically the new John Mayer is very exciting news to us. We're totally OK with it. Here's why.

  1. From the neck down, they're pretty much twins.

    Here's Cody crunching the riff to John Mayer Trio's "Another Kind Of Green" and rockin' the Heavier Things-era wardrobe of a T-shirt and loose jeans. Add in the lanky arms and big hands and it's a complete JM patchwork.

  2. They both enjoy introspective guitar playing on scenic lookout points.

    Cody's July "Late Late Show" promo brought to mind this "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" rendition from a cozy spot on California's Mulholland Drive. Different styles of tops, though.

  3. His electric fretwork is heavily indebted to John's.

    Close your eyes and listen to Cody groove on this hella "Man On The Side"-style jam.

  4. Artful black-and-white onstage poses are kind of his thing, too.

    It's just like Where The Light Is!

  5. He's into cameras -- like REAL cameras.

    Remember the short film John made back in 2010 called "A Life In The Day?" No? Well, you should probably watch it right now.

  6. His covers are indistinguishable from JM's originals.

    "In Your Atmosphere" brings the feels.

  7. No, but they're like scary close.

    Even with a slight Aussie accent, even in a reverb-y hallway, even while wearing a borderline-Hawaiian shirt.


    Cody's not even on lead vocals here, but the guitar playing is highly reminiscent of John's.

  9. OK, just one more.

    You ever tried playing "Neon" on guitar? IT'S TOUGH.

  10. He interrupted John on a date, and John was totally cool about it.

    Consider this the official passing of the torch.

And hey, Biebs wants to work with John, too, which makes the comparison even richer. Here's to Cody and John and their unofficial mentor-mentee relaish!