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These 9 Bands Are Making Our '90s Kid Hearts Ache

I really want a Surge, you guys.

I don't know about you all, but I miss my childhood DAILY -- because, you know, back then there were slap bracelets and JNCOs and the total absence of any responsibilities aside from feeding oneself and sleeping. Lucky for me -- and you! -- I can flashback to those halcyon days via my eardrums, as several bands have names evoking the '90s.

Check out some of our favorites below while you guzzle Surge and cry for your youth:

  1. Where He Hails From: Los Angeles, CA

    What We're Flashing Back To: "Saved By The Bell" heartthrob AC Slater, played by Mario Lopez. This really required no explanation.

    Who He Is: AC Slater (a.k.a. Aaron Clevenger) is an electro/dance DJ. To learn how to dance to his beats see above.

  2. Where He Hails From: New York, NY

    What We're Flashing Back To: DuckTales (woo ooo!).

    Who He Is: Ducktails is Matthew Mondanile of Real Estate's synth, sunny, poppy side project -- all the proceeds from which go into a massive swimming pool of coins that he bathes in nightly.

  3. Harmonica Lewinski

    Where They Hail From: Rochester, NY

    What We're Flashing Back To: The last time a member of the Clinton family was in the news this much.

    Who They Are: Super beachy. Super surfy. Some kind of joke about cigars.

  4. All Dogs

    Where They Hail From: Columbus, OH

    What We're Flashing Back To: We can't confirm at this time if the band's name is really a reference, but they go to heaven, right? All dogs?

    Who They Are: Their music is kind of sad but pretty good, just like the movie -- which is about DOGS DYING and is somehow still for children.

  5. Where They Hail From: Chicago, IL

    What We're Flashing Back To: The TV show that made us all want cherry pie and deep black Joe.

    Who They Are: Five garage rock dudes -- and the log lady on percussion.

  6. Where They Hail From: Fullerton, California

    What We're Flashing Back To: That middle school dance when we got all perfumed up to win the affections of Johnny Smith, tweenage Casanova and all-around heartbreaker.

    Who They Are: They write psychedelic synthpop that's fresher than a brand-new pair of khakis and a crisp white shirt.

  7. Where They Hail From: Queens, New York

    What We're Flashing Back To: Killer Tofu, man.

    Who They Are: They're not really the band from "Doug," but they're still really good. You should listen to everything on frontman Juan Wauters' Bandcamp and maybe buy some songs, too.

  8. Lisa Prank

    Where They Hail From: Seattle, WA

    What We're Flashing Back To: The fact that we all used to carry around something called Trapper Keepers.

    Who They Are: These are their influences: "heartbreak, stickers, psychedelic kittens, tarot cards, dolphins leaping over rainbows."

  9. Where They Hail From: Athens, GA

    What We're Flashing Back To: I dunno, you dumb babies.

    Who They Are: Definitely not a band composed of fictional dinosaurs.