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How Ariana Grande Is Infiltrating Your Instagram Feed With Female Empowerment

Here's where to get it.

It's hard to pick one thing we love most about Ariana Grande, but if we had to choose, it'd definitely be her affinity for female empowerment-themed tops.

She wore a body-positive “I Have No T—s” sweatshirt earlier this year.

And then, she sported a "My P—y My Choice" tee this past June.

This week, she added yet another top to her ever-growing collection: a tank that reads "Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman." Yassss.

O-Mighty posted a pic of Ari in the gray version of the tank paired with a plaid skirt and her signature cat ears, and lucky for us, we can swipe up the exact same top for $44.

If gray isn't your thing, the halter also comes in black and white.

Considering Ariana clearly loves O-Mighty tops, we're hoping to spot her in either one of the "A Woman Does Not Have To Be Modest In Order To Be Respected" or "A Man Of Quality Is Not Threatened By A Woman Of Equality" tanks in the near future.

Keep empowering other ladies, Ari!