The 7 Stages Of Finding Out That 'Prison Break' Will Return To TV

Let your emotions flow.

There's a jailbreak happening in our heart right now, as six pent-up years' worth of "Prison Break" feels just erupted all at once -- thanks to the news that a followup series is officially in development at FOX.

In an interview with IGN, FOX CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman confirmed that "Prison Break" creator Paul Scheuring is at work right now on a new episode, which will bring the show back to TV for a one-off miniseries event.

"Prison Break" ran from 2005-2009, and is just the latest series to be resurrected by popular demand ("The X-Files" and "24" have gotten similar treatment). But this time, there's an exciting twist: Not only will the show be back, but so will its two leading men, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell.

The bad news is, there's no official date set for the show's return (although the FOX CEOs basically promised that it'll go straight to series as soon as the script is ready.)

The good news is, you're gonna need some time to process this news, anyway. Here are the seven emotional stages of finding out that "Prison Break" is coming back.

  1. Confusion.

    The brothers are back, yet one of them (we won't say which) supposedly didn't survive the end of the show. So... how? And why?! We'd only just gotten our lives back together after the emotional devastation of the series finale. THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH.

  2. Pessimism.

    Nuh-uh. NUH. UH. Here's what's going to happen: They'll cancel the "Prison Break" sequel before it ever sees the light of day. Or worse, it'll air, but it won't be any good.

  3. Self-preservation.

    I don't care how much I've longed for this. I REFUSE TO EMOTIONALLY INVEST MYSELF.

  4. Hope.

    But, like... maybe it will be actually amazing? Possibly? Perhaps? Dare we dream?!

  5. Pride.

    Not to mention, "Prison Break" is only coming back because fans loved it (and binge-watched it on Netflix) so much. We did this! They wouldn't disappoint us.

  6. Cautious evangelizing.

    Other fans should know about this. EVERYONE should know about this.

  7. Pure, unadulterated joy.

    Ohmigod, this is really happening.