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Ed Sheeran And Nicole Scherzinger Are Now BFFs And We Are All About It

What a pair these two make!

By Monique Steele

We all know Ed Sheeran -- amazing singer-songwriter, champion of ginger themed snacks

and actual friend of Kermit.

And of course, we know Nicole Scherzinger -- one-time Pussycat Doll, real-life member of the musical “Cats” and highly involved Krispy Kreme enthusiast.

Lately, these two have become real pals, as evident by this absolutely adorable photo together:

Yahoo! News explains that Ed’s music really helped Nicole get through her break up with Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton, and that the two are actually very alike. A friend of Nicole’s even reportedly said that he’s “the male version of her.”

With that kind of talk, it's only natural to wonder if Ed and Nicole have actually taken things a step further and ventured into the open waters of dating. And while some reports have trickled in that they are (and have even had a few "low-key" evenings out), we still have our doubts, since neither has said one way or the other. It could be that they're just uber good pals, and we're into that, too. Super into it.

Still, can we just take the time to really grasp how incredible this pairing could be? The music collaborations alone would be incredible! If the rumors are true, we are totally shipping this couple because, I mean, how could we not?! And if they're false, this certainly makes for one heck of a friendship.