David M. Benett/Getty Images

J.K. Rowling Hates Horcruxes, Obviously, But She Knows What Hers Would Be

It's kind of what you'd expect, TBH.

By Monique Steele

We all know that horcruxes are evil and terrible and that J.K. Rowling, saint that she is, would never ever create one... EVER!

A horcrux, if you remember your "Harry Potter" facts correctly, is a form of dark magic in which a wizard splits his soul apart and conceals it within a separate object. The only way to achieve this is through committing a most egregious act -- murder!

But, that being said, if she did make one, what would it be? Well, finally that’s a question we can all put to bed thanks to a Twitter discussion Rowling had with fans on Friday (Aug. 7).

During this chat, in which Rowling and fans deliberated the proper tea brewing technique, the "Harry Potter" author admitted that she would probably use a tea bag as a horcrux.

We’re not surprised. A tea bag is the perfect horcrux: simple and unassuming. We would expect nothing less from the brilliant mind of Ms. Rowling herself (not that she would ever).

The Twitter convos went on with Rowling giving her followers “full marks” on their knowledge of tea brewing...

...and letting us know that, yes, there is such a thing as the Wizard UN.

Finally, all of our most pressing Harry Potter and tea-related issues settled at long last!