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A Major 'Pretty Little Liars' Mystery Will Soon Be Solved -- Yes, THAT One

You know which one we're talking about.

The wait is finally (FINALLY) over. After six long years of false starts, redirection, and long-winded plots, "Pretty Little Liars" fans will finally get an answer to the show’s biggest question: who is ‘A?’ You only have two more days until the season six finale to wait.

“It’s no lie. You are going to come face to face with A,” said I. Marlene King, the creator of "Pretty Little Liars" in a video posted to the Pretty Little Liars twitter account. ‘A,’ as Pretty Little Liars fans know, is the anonymous, mysterious, and dangerous figure who has threatened to expose their secrets throughout the show’s timeline.

In the minute-and-a-half long video, King addressed the questions about the series before the show’s summer season finale which airs this Tuesday (Aug. 11) on ABC Family.

“The summer of answers is not just coming. It’s here,” King said. Besides revealing just who ‘A’ is, we’ll also get some back story on A’s reasoning. “You’re gonna see A’s face. You’re gonna hear A’s story,” King added.

After this summer’s finale, the show will jump ahead five years in the show’s timeline to early 2016. The Liars will be one year out of college and on the brink of establishing their adult lives. For fans interested in a sneak peak of the Liars in the present, Entertainment Weekly recently posted an image to tease fans.

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Clad in sophisticated handbags, sharp coats (and seated next to a glass of wine), it’s easy to distinguish the Liars of the present from the Liars we’ve come to know over the past six years.

While wait for the show to jump into the present, fans will have to contend with the reality of the past in one final episode of the season. “You will have no more questions,” after this Tuesday’s episode, said King.

What do you think? Who is ‘A’?