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14 Things We Learned From Lena Dunham's Trip To Japan

What we can learn from the 'Girls' creator about travel abroad.

"Girls" creator and star Lena Dunham recently traveled to Japan for work, presumably to follow up on that whole "Shoshanna taking a job in Tokyo" plot line the show dropped on us at the end of season four. Judging by social media, her trip was as weird and wonderful as we'd expect. And there's so much to learn! From what not to bring to Japan to what it means to be a lady, Lena educates us once again. Here are 14 travel tips we gleaned from Lena's Instagram pics:

  1. When traveling, it's unwise to bring your own pocket pets.
  2. Nail art and probiotic beverages are always a good idea.
  3. Strive for "daily elegance."
  4. Find inspiration in the local culture.
  5. Incorporate that inspiration into your own style with bucket hats.
  6. And velvet jerseys.
  7. But remember to stay current with the trends back home.
  8. Bring your friends! Like SNL's Aidy Bryant.
  9. Take in a show.
  10. Try new things.
  11. Try not to look horribly uncomfortable trying new things.
  12. Social norms differ between continents.
  13. Everyone really is princess.
  14. It can't be all fun and games.