Marie Claire

Miley Cyrus' Newest Role? Marie Claire Cover Model

She looks awesome and she sounds like a badass.

Miley Cyrus is a lot of things. She’s a singer, sure, but she’s also a gender fluidity advocate, a onesie enthusiast, a pit hair pioneer, the host of the 2015 VMAs and now a Marie Claire cover star.

Cyrus will grace the cover of the September issue of the magazine to talk about sexism, self-confidence and her Happy Hippie Foundation for homeless, LGBT and vulnerable youth.

“A lot of is are born into some s--t, you know what I mean?" Cyrus told the mag. "Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about my being gender-fluid and gender-neutral. And some people snarl at that. They want to judge me.”

No judgment here. You just keep being Miley.