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9 Amazing 'Real Housewives' Gifts To Give Your Best Friend/Jennifer Lawrence

We're professional gift guiders. Consider this guidance.

Love and friendship are all about having things in common. You love the same thing, you have something to talk about. Sure, the differences keep things interesting, but it's those shared interests that act as your warm, fuzzy relaysh blanket. Comforting!

That said, it's clear the best way to Jennifer Lawrence's heart. Want to be her best friend? Share her love of reality TV. Her heartfelt passion for the "Real Housewives" franchise is well documented, and settling down on the couch for a long marathon of Ramona and co. seems like a great way to get to know our girl, and since it's her birthday soon and all, a lil gifty gift couldn't hurt either.

Here are a few "Housewives"-flavored gift ideas for our girl.

  1. A super-jazzy personalized glass.

    This isn't just any cup. It's a cup with your name on it and feathers. BUY IT NOW.

  2. A bedazzled top to show off your Temecula pride.

    Has JLaw ever even been to Temecula? Dunno. But this shirt is pretty darn cool, so.

  3. Tell them what you're here for.

    Who doesn't love a little home decor with sass?

  4. Cuddle this pillow during that couch sesh.

    Just a hunch: Jennifer "I don't diet" Lawrence would be so d with this throw pillow.

  5. Ask the important questions in life.

    Better yet, let this shirt ask them for you.

  6. Never, ever wonder which glass is yours.

    And do that not-wondering in style.

  7. Hang up a cross-stitch like grandma used to make.
  8. Twirl.

    But, like, make sure you don't spill.

  9. Follow these life instructions.

Or, you know, just get her cake. She loves cake. But don't say we didn't try!