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'American Horror Story: Hotel' Reveals Lady Gaga's Monstrous New Role

"AHS: Hotel" will take the show back to its horror genre roots.

Lady Gaga won't be checking into "American Horror Story: Hotel," after all. Why? Because she owns the damn thing!

Co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck, along with some of the "AHS: Hotel" cast (sadly, Gaga wasn't there), dished on the upcoming season during FX’s Television Critics Association press tour on Friday (August 7). And it sounds like "Hotel" is taking the franchise back to its roots.

Not only will "Hotel" be set back in the present day, at a hotel in downtown Los Angeles called Hotel Cortez, but it will also tackle extremely real American horrors, from murder to drug addiction. The idea for "Hotel" was inspired by a surveillance video from a Los Angeles-based hotel that surfaced two years ago, Murphy said during the panel (via Variety). The eery footage showed a girl in an elevator who was never seen again. Her body was later recovered from a water tank atop the hotel.

So... yeah. This isn't going to be a season for the faint of heart. Here's all the scoop from the panel:

  1. Jessica Lange may not be gone for good.

    Murphy revealed that Lange only wanted a year off to do a play in New York City, which he "offered her, stupidly." While he didn't say anything about a potential return in season 6, this definitely leaves the door wide open for Lange's homecoming in future seasons.

  2. "Hotel" will be more like "Murder House."

    Remember season 1? According to Murphy, "AHS: Hotel" will feel more like that. It will bring back the "honest, primal fears" and the classic horror genre of the first season. We are so down for that!

  3. Paulson plays a "nasty girl."

    Paulson described her character as a "dark, sexy, drug addict." "Not that drug addicts are sexy," she added. "This girl happens to be quite sexy." Sexy and "nasty," according to the actress.

  4. Lady Gaga's character revealed!
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    Lady Gaga is playing a wealthy woman named Elizabeth who just so happens to own Hotel Cortez. She's "consumed with art, fashion and people," and has intimate relationships with Matt Bomer, Finn Wittrock and Angela Bassett's characters. Her "nefarious plan" is revealed in the first episode, so it sounds like we've found our villain!

    Gaga starts shooting on Monday, so expect plenty of horrific Instas from set.

  5. "Hotel" will fit into the continuity of the entire series.

    Murphy confirmed that "you will see people from various seasons check into the hotel, starting around episode 6 or 7." So, keep those conspiracy theories coming, "AHS" fans!

  6. The set is pretty effing cool.

    Per the "AHS" maestro, "Hotel" boasts the show's "most magnificent" set to date. That's pretty impressive considering how epic the "Coven" mansion was in season 3.

  7. There's a murder investigation.

    We know Lily Rabe is playing a serial killer this season, and it sounds like her secret won't be safe for long. Chloe Sevigny plays Alex Lowell, the wife of Wes Bentley's Detective John Lowe, a detective. The duo will check into the Hotel to investigate a series of hotel murders. Innnteresting. Is Rabe the only killer lurking in the Hotel?

  8. Eye-candy galore!

    We already knew this season was going to be the season of hot dudes, but the panel definitely confirmed our speculations. Finn Wittrock will be playing a male model named Tristan Duffy, who's "always looking for the next high," and finds it in in Lady Gaga’s character. "We have a lot to do together, he said. "She sees all of me."

    Meanwhile, Cheyenne Jackson will play Will Drake, a creative fashion icon, who moved to Los Angeles to try and reestablish himself in the cutthroat industry. He’s a father and "a little desperate." And Matt Bomer is playing Donovan, a man who's close to Gaga and has "very interesting relationships with the lady folk in his life."

    "Freak Show" alum Denis O’Hare will play Elizabeth Taylor, a character inspired "the awesomeness" of her namesake. Liz works in the hotel bar, Blue Parrot Lounge, and O'Hare said he shaved his head (and other body parts) for the role.