Heart-Shaped Bangs Are The Sweetest Hairstyle You'll Ever Try

All you need is a curling iron and hairspray. Oh, and bangs.

Blunt bangs and side bangs got nothin' on a new hair trend emerging in South Korea. In Seoul's Gangbuk District, teens are shaping their fringe into hearts.

The surprisingly adorable style is spreading via social media under #하트앞머리, which is Korean for "heart bangs." It almost makes us wanna take a pair of scissors and hack off our locks so we have the bangs -- super important, obvi -- needed for this look. Of course, we won't actually do that, because cutting your own bangs is a disaster and a half. (Special shout-out to Kristen Cavallari’s temporary Secret Bangs headband!)

Get some serious heart bang inspiration, complete with emojis, below.

H/T Elite Daily