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6 Bands Named After Vaginas You'll Be Totally Into

This way for puns.

It's pretty much a fact that does not need to be stated that there are TONS of amazing women in music. But did you know that there are TONS of amazing women in music that also cribbed their names from um... parts? Well, you learn something new every day, do you not?

One would hope.

We've compiled a list of some of the best V-named bands out there below. Take a look and a listen and find your new favorite act -- unless you're squeamish about the word "p-ssy." In which case, why are you even here?

  1. Perfect Pussy

    Hails From: Syracuse, NY

    Must-Buy: Say Yes to Love (some versions of the vinyl were pressed with Meredith Graves' blood!)

    You haven't seen badass until you've seen Perfect Pussy frontwoman Meredith Graves go absolutely insane, screaming and writhing in a vintage crinoline dress. And if you don't like the badass that you see, these guys could care less -- as Graves says, "other people's opinions are none of your business."

    And as for their name? As Graves told Pitchfork: "It heads off a--holes right out of the gate. Nobody can look at me and say sh-t about my appearance or my body, which is all too common for women in music. It's like, 'Are you going to call me a c-nt? Are you going to tell me I'm ugly? Well, here's my band name -- do your worst, motherf--ker.'"

    I am so sad that I have to bleep this out, but: F--k yes.

  2. TinVulva

    Hails From: Brooklyn, NY

    Must-Buy: TV Mixtape

    This is a band name that is real. This is also a band that is awesome. Just listen to this song about catcalling -- the creepy dude samples alone are worth repeated listens.

  3. Tacocat

    Hails From: Seattle, WA

    Must-Buy: NVM

    Speaking of catcalling, Tacocat also has a stellar response song to the disturbing practice -- one that they have to deal with pretty often with regard to their name, which includes two (count 'em, two!) words that could denote genitalia. That was basically accidental, though, the band told MTV News: "We couldn’t think of a band name and I was really into palindromes."

  4. Junglepussy

    Hails From: Brooklyn, NY

    Must-Buy: Satisfaction Guaranteed

    "Females have p-ssies, so it’s the most feminine word ever, and jungle -- it could be wild, but it’s also beautiful to me," the rapper told Vice of her name, which isn't the most eye-opening thing about her by far. Nope, that would be her music. Take a listen to "Nah" up yonder and try not to say "YAS." (Did I just write that? I hate myself as much as I love Junglepussy.)

  5. Mannequin Pussy

    Hails From: Philadelphia, PA

    Must-Buy: Gypsy Pervert

    Best.Band.Name.Ever. Because mannequins, they're not anatomically correct, see? Anyway, their music is basically a house party, as evidenced by the video above.

  6. Childbirth

    Hails From: Seattle, WA

    Must Buy: Women's Rights (due out Oct. 2)

    Bree from Tacocat gives us even more downstairs love with Childbirth. You NEED to hear their new single "Nasty Grrls," which has some serious Slits vibes going on ("Typical Girls," anyone?). Also, you should definitely listen to the Slits.

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