Ramon And Juliette Is The Real Life Love Story ‘Harry Potter’ Helped Create


J.K. Rowling can be thanked for giving us a romance to remember after the "will they, won't they, OMG they did!" love story of Harry and Ginny Weasley. Today, the beloved "Harry Potter" author can also probably be thanked for indadvertedly bringing two fans together in the non-wizard world.

In a viral Imgur post, Ramon (a man living in Mexico) says he met a woman named Juliette (who lives in France) on an app called "QuizUp." The app is a quiz version of Chatroulette, where it allows you to challenge a random person to a trivia game anywhere in the world. One day, Ramon picked "Harry Potter" as his category, and that's where he met Juliette.

Since "meeting," the two have kept in constant contact. Juliette recently sent Ramon a box of items including French treats, romantic knick knacks and "Harry Potter" memorabilia, including a "Chamber of Secrets" French edition book, which Ramon says meant a lot seeing "she had this book since she was 12 years old."

Look at all the swag that Juliette sent Ramon below.

Ramon wants to send a box back to Juliette, including his copy of "Harry Potter y el Prisionero de Azkaban," which is his "favorite book of the series."

H/T: Cosmopolitan