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Katy Perry's New Hair Color Is Her Most Surprising Yet

It's no secret that Katy Perry likes to change her hair color up. She's featured pretty much every color in the rainbow on her head—most recently lavender, for those keeping track—so we're never really taken aback when she debuts a new shade.

Such was not the case last night, though, when Katy unveiled her new 'do.

Katy has, apparently, hopped on the ombré train with not one, but two ~normal~ colors!!!! Considering we can thank Katy for ushering in the era of colorful hair we're currently living in, does this mean ombré is about to have a renaissance soon? Just when our hair was all one color again...😩

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Of course, knowing Katy, this subdued look isn't long for this world—it was less than a month ago that her Kris Jenner-inspired cut joined her on the cover of Vogue Japan.

While we don't know what's next for Katy's hair, we're pretty sure we'll never see it coming and that's very exciting, TBH.