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These Celebs Are Really Salty About Jon Stewart's Last 'Daily Show'

Stewart said goodbye, and Hollywood felt feelings.

After a 16-year run as "The Daily Show" host, Jon Stewart said goodbye to all that last night -- and the celebs who gazed soulfully into Stewart's eyes across that desk over the years were definitely feeling things about it.

Below, we've rounded up the best farewell tweets from famous people who already miss Stewart as much as you do.

  • Cary Elwes said an elegant goodbye.
  • Bryan Cranston went all-out and compared Jon Stewart to the sun. THE SUN.
  • Ben Schwartz is pretty salty about the state of television in general right now.
  • Courtney Love wonders, what's the point of even having a TV anymore?! (She's not wrong.)
  • Something tells us President Obama didn't compose this tweet himself.
  • From one beloved TV host to another, a fond farewell.
  • Jared Padalecki was inspired by Jon's thoughts on his "Daily Show" career.
  • Jennifer Grey wins for the best (and possibly only) #JonVoyage/Dirty Dancing mashup.
  • Ed Helms wants to make sure you're fully aware of the historical momentousness of this moment in history.
  • Is this the one they call "sadness"? IT HURTS. MAKE IT STOP.
  • And Steve Carell, longtime friend and former correspondent, sums it all up: Short, sweet, and sincere.

Farewell, Jon! From your friends in Hollywood, and all the rest of us, too.