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Enjoy Summer's 'Sunshine' With This Solar-Powered Rap Video

Atmosphere finally dropped the video for 'Sunshine.'

Atmosphere has released the music video for “Sunshine," a clip that’s notable for at least two big reasons.

For starters, it isn’t every day that a vid is made for a song that’s approximately 8 years old. “Sunshine” came out in 2007, but the video was unleashed Thursday (Aug. 6). Why? Well, that leads us to our second point.

You see, it’s also noteworthy because it’s “the first ever solar powered music video,” according to a press release from the Minnesota group’s label, Rhymesayers Entertainment. If that's the objective of the clip, how could you go with any song other than "Sunshine," right?

“The futuristic people at SunPort harnessed the magic of the sun and made a whole video for one of our songs, ‘Sunshine,’ using nothing but solar power,” Slug -- Atmosphere’s MC -- said in a statement. “Hot.”

If the vid really is the first of its kind, that’s quite an impressive feat. But it’s also dope because we get to see a few different ways to enjoy the summer “Sunshine.”

For example:

  • Listen to the birds' chirps.
  • Ride your bike around your city.
  • Listen to music, shoot hoops and grill.

Now, go make this another unforgettable summer.