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What Do You Think About Taylor Swift's Short Film?

Meredith plays the evil villain.

Taylor Swift writes, sings, acts, slays at life, and now she's made a short film. Is there anything she can't do?


Taylor has been busy traveling the world on her 1989 World Tour, rarely getting a break, but the singer returned home to her kitties on Thursday (Aug. 6) to mixed reactions. She filmed the homecoming for her fans, and, like a true auteur, she added a soundtrack to the 15-second video too.

Swift cats Meredith and Olivia have been staples to the fandom. Meredith has always been the token meanie and Olivia has been the token sweetie. Remember when Meredith scratched Taylor's legs and it was a huge thing? I know she has a heart somewhere underneath her fur, though.

Either way, I'm Team Meredith. People just don't understand.

What do you think about Tay's short vid? It's cute, right?