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Kurt Cobain Moans 'It's All My Fault' In This Previously Unreleased Clip

Kurt and Courtney discuss Cobain's stomach issues in this throwback piece of film.

If you've seen the documentary "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck," you'll know that Kurt Cobain had stomach issues that plagued him throughout his life.

Even if you've seen the doc, however, you likely haven't seen the clip HBO released today -- a section of film that was cut from the final piece. In it, Cobain and Courtney Love discuss the Nirvana frontman's myriad issues with a kind of humor and levity that's still highly laced with foreboding sadness.

"Why do you feel so bad?" Love asks a bed-bound Cobain, sprawled next to a barf bucket and a half-finished piece of cake. "Because I want to," Cobain says. "It's my fault. All my fault." It's a sentiment he repeats throughout the beginning on the video and, although we get the sense he's likely joking, there's a darkness to the statement all the same.

"Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck" premiered on HBO back in May, but on Friday it will be headed back to theaters across the country. The Brett Morgan-directed film is a stark, intimate look into Cobain's life -- pre- and post-fame -- and contains never-before-seen looks at Kurt's personal journals and writing, as well as home movies shot by Love, such as the one embedded above.