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These Two-Week Tattoos Are The Commitment We All Can Make

Temporary tattoos are no longer child's play.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision that is not be taken lightly. It can be an expensive and painful process that could potentially amount to multiple Scooby-Doo characters displayed on your body. Thanks to the brothers at Inkbox Tattoos, you can now try out tatts that aren't quite so permanent.

For those looking for some temporary ink, Tyler and Braden Handley have created high quality tattoos that last up to two weeks. The duo saw a need for their organic, fruit-based ink when they couldn't decide on a designs for permanent tattoos themselves.

"There's nothing that gave us the look and feel of a real tattoo without the commitment," Braden said in their Kickstarter video.

The Handley brothers got the idea for their natural dye from indigenous tribes in Panama, who have used Genipa Americana fruit to dye their skin for thousands of years. They've given back by donating part of their sales to the Darien Initiative, an organization aiding these tribes.

Applying them is simple and similar to other temporary tattoos, except the ink takes 12 to 24 hours to appear. As you can see, the results are worth the wait.

  1. This feather will blow away in 14 days
  2. Because your favorite quotes change
  3. Birds be migrating
  4. #Squadgoals
  5. You weren't gonna remember those dreams, anyway.
  6. When you run out of four letter words
  7. Finally we can all sit back, relax and get face tattoos without having to think about the future

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