15 Times Gigi Hadid Slayed Us In Calvin Harris' New Video

Gigi GIFs galore.

GIFs by Jennifer Rivera

Calvin Harris and Disciples' "How Deep Is Your Love" is already perfect for the dance floor, but now that we've got Gigi Hadid dancing the night away in the recently released video, we've got the perfect muse for our crazy, confused night out.

In the video, which debuted on Tidal but is now available for everyone, Gigi awakens in some sort of lab, but quickly finds her way out into the world -- although she's mostly in a rainbow-hued haze the whole time. She explores all types of parties -- a boat, a bonfire, a club -- in what looks like a sizzle reel for her modeling career.

Here are 12 times Gigi slayed us in the "How Deep Is Your Love" video:

  1. When she got all 'Taylor Bad Blood' on an examination table
  2. When she finds her way out of a basement with perfect hair
  3. *~Hair blows in wind~*
  4. When she loses her mind/models in different colors
  5. When she smolders in the club
  6. When, all of a sudden, she's on a boat
  7. When she discovers the Stepford Wives are lining a pool
  8. When she takes a dive
  9. And rises out of the pool every so sexily
  10. ~**~*~*~~~Just strutting in my bathing suit~~&&&~~**
  11. When she shows off her carefully applied lip gloss
  12. When she's all like 'Where TF am I?'
  13. When motorcycles circle her like sharks
  14. When she finds herself in the middle of a bonfire party. What is going on?
  15. Bye, you beautiful soul

Here's the video in full:

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