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Ariana Grande Brought Back Our Favorite Hairstyle For Her Fragrance Ad

We've missed you, boo.

Ariana Grande has been teasing us endlessly about her upcoming debut fragrance, Ari. First, there was the reveal of the name and box on Snapchat, then the Instagram video revealing the fluffy pink bottle. Now, we have the first look at the perfume's ad campaign, and yes, bunty is back.

Ariana posted this black and white photo to Instagram of the bunty back in full force to promote the scent, which will come out in September. She wears a short black dress with sky-high heels, though it's hard for our eyes to stray from the top of her head, TBH.

She also gave us a few more shots of the bottle as well as a full-page ad in a nondescript magazine. She poses alongside three Dalmatians in a white crop top and pants while bunty is replaced by her signature ponytail. It's been a minute since we've seen the bunty we all know and love, as Ari's been sticking to her classic pony more and more, but we have to say, it feels good to see it back.