The Chainsmokers Will Have You Dancing Your Way Through 'Roses' In Their New Video

Ballet dance, that is.

First they had us saying "let me take a #Selfie," then we wanted to be "like Kanye," but now, for The Chainsmokers, everything is coming up "Roses."

The DJ duo just released their new video "Roses" featuring Rozes. Yes, that is correct, a singer named Rozes is on a song called, "Roses," and in it, they bring the haunting, mid-tempo track to life, with the help of a pretty skilled ballerina.

The video shows a girl trying to figure out her confusing relationship and brings her emotions to life through dance. The video is intercut with shots of her dealing with her relationship, and ballet dancing perfectly to the beat in a smoke-filled room, which later fills with rose petals.

This is the second video for the single that the duo have released, the first being more a documentary style clip that followed the guys on tour as they partied, played to sold-out crowds and traveled the world.