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Did Kanye West Just Get Dissed Or Is It All A Joke? Fans React 

Here's what fans thought of CyHi's 'Elephant In The Room.'

Following the Drake and Meek Mill feud, it looks like another rap battle storm is brewing...or is it all just one big joke?

On Wednesday (August 5), some fans thought CyHi The Prynce dissed Kanye West and Pusha-T with "Elephant In The Room." The cut includes lines about kidnapping Yeezus and slapping Kim Kardashian, so some took it as a diss from the longtime Ye collaborator.

But then, Push tweeted the link, making people wonder if the jabs were really just said in jest. Are they all in on it?

Fans now seem torn about what this song is really about. Is it a takedown of Yeezy and the Clipse MC or is it all just CyHi clowning around -- like the way 50 Cent taught us "How To Rob" or Eminem killed Dr. Dre on "The Real Slim Shady?" Here's how fans are reacting:

  • This fan was simply surprised.
  • Some said CyHi snapped.
  • This fan didn’t like the Kim K line.
  • Others thought the song was more of a joke.
  • You know, like he was playing around with the whole story.
  • They even compared it to Em killing Dr. Dre on songs.
  • Meanwhile, some people thought Kanye would respond.
  • Videos were even made.
  • And yes, the memes were created too.
  • And more memes.
  • And more.
  • People are even recycling Drake/Meek jokes.

Well, despite what the objective might be here, it's certainly provocative and it's got the people talking.