Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

An Aggressive Fan Almost Pulled Taylor Swift Off Stage — And She Handled It Like A Pro

If you're going that way... just don't.

Gather ‘round, Swifties, because it’s time we have a serious discussion about how to properly keep your chill in tact around our queen bee, Taylor Swift.

Is she a practically perfect pop star? Yes. A mesmerizing performer who’ll give you the concert experience of a lifetime? You betcha. A human being you’re free to put your hands on at any given moment? NOPE.

While it should be common sense that grabbing people without their permission is a major no-no, it appears one overzealous Canadian fan didn’t quite get that memo, and let his excitement get the best of him.

During Tay’s 1989 World Tour stop in Edmonton, Alberta on Tuesday night (Aug. 4), a male audience member in the pit lunged at Taylor while she sang “Bad Blood.” The 25-year-old looked visibly shaken after the fan grabbed her ankle, but she carried on with the performance like a pro, wisely strutting back down the catwalk as her security guards presumably took matters into their own hands.

Clearly, this is a prime example of what NOT to do when graced with Tay’s presence. To put it in your language, Swifties: We should never, ever, ever grab Taylor. If you’re going that way, just don’t. That’s not how it works; that’s not how you get the girl. And lunging at people is never in style.

Anyway, props to Tay for shaking off the scary moment. She later posted a pic from the show on Instagram, writing, “Thanks Edmonton — tonight was insanely fun and I can’t wait to be back on your stage tomorrow night!”

That’s right — Taylor is back for round two in Edmonton tonight, so let’s all keep our chill this time, OK?!