We Should've Seen Beyoncé's New Project Coming A Year Ago

Thank u Beysus.

It's pretty clear Beyoncé has an obsession with Flash Tattoos–you know, the metallic temporary tats she's been sporting on her legs, arms, stomach, and well, just about everywhere for the past year.

As of today, though, Bey (finally!) released her own set of gold and black designs for us commoners to swipe up ASAP–just like Rihanna. YASSSS. The 57-piece collection (!!!) features 5 sheets of tats creative directed and co-designed by our queen with her signature Beyhive honeycombs, crosses and, of course, her iconic lyrics. This isn't Beyonce's first foray into body art (she designed a kit with Temptu back in 2010), so it's clear she definitely knows her stuff. Let's take a closer look.

We loveee the placement of her finger tats and honeycomb choker, but we gotta say putting the word "Flawless" on her face definitely, um, makes a statement.

Flash Tattoos

OoOOh. Here they placed a bunch of honeycombs together to make a stacked bangle look and finished it off with "Crazy in Love" script written on her neck.

Flash Tattoos

Yoo, we're calling it now: plan to see this design on the backs of festival-goers all next summer.

Flash Tattoos

The set also includes a gun design, which they styled for the promo images tucked behind a mesh underwear holster.

Flash Tattoos

Aaaand here's what you'd look like if you put 'em all on at once. (Awesome, TBH.)

Flash Tattoos

Obvi we can't forget her "Diva" and "Flawless" faux nameplate necklaces because, hi, we need to tell the world who we are even when we're totally nekkid.

And, if you wanna take a tip straight from Bey herself, you can always hide tats for your significant other to ~discover~.

To swipe up the full set for $28, head on over!