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Mariah Carey Just Got Her Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star — Here’s How You Get Yours

It's actually easier than you think.

Today (August 5) is a big day on Hollywood Boulevard: Mariah Carey finally received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, joining 2,555 other entertainers who've had their names immortalized in gold on that storied sidewalk.

By all accounts, everything went swimmingly.

Oh, AND Mariah will be appearing in season two of Fox's "Empire," as Lee Daniels reportedly told the crowd at the ceremony today. So that's cool, too.

But for a megastar like Mariah, the timing of this is a bit interesting. It wasn't necessarily tied to a major announcement (an "Empire" guest spot is neat, but it's not a new album drop or anything), which had us wondering: How does the process of getting a Hollywood Walk of Fame star work, exactly?

Both Time and Los Angeles Daily News reported that Mariah's star has been in the works since 2007, but her management team wanted to time the star ceremony after her Las Vegas residency had wrapped up. That means Mariah has been eligible for a star since at least '07 -- so what were her qualifications? And what do WE have to do to get on the Walk of Fame? Here, let us help:

  • Be nominated via this official form.
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    Every so often, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will hold open calls for nominations (the most recent one ended in May). They're flooded with applications -- including personal statements from the celebs themselves and write-ups from family members, fans and publicists -- and from there, the organization picks its next round of star recipients. But who can actually be nominated under their guidelines?

  • Be involved with film, music, theater, TV, recording or radio.

    Remember in 2013 when Kanye got upset about Kim K not being eligible to get a star? This is why. In the eyes of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Kim hasn't produced something "iconic" enough to be worthy of one -- despite her family's media empire reportedly valued at $85 million. As a chamber spokeswoman told Yahoo, "We'll consider them when they're legitimate actors or singers." Harsh.

  • Be able to raise $30,000 for the sponsorship fee.

    Yup, this is Hollywood, which means nothing is free. It costs approximately $30K to land a gold star on the Walk of Fame, broken down into maintenance fees for the entire project as well as the construction of the celeb's personal star itself. And once it's installed, make sure you keep track of how to find it, as there are literally thousands.

  • Be sure to pick a date, and pick it quick.

    Once everything's been OK-ed (and the check's been cleared), the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will reach out with the good news: You're getting your own star! As long as you pick a date in a timely fashion, of course. Don't do what Denzel Washington did, as a Walk of Fame spokeswoman told ABC News, and never set up a proper time for the ceremony. There's now a stipulation that the offer expires within five years if you don't confirm a date, so don't drag your feet! (No word on whether the $30-large gets refunded, though...)

  • Be cool with your star remaining there FOREVER.
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    Say you retire from your life in the public eye. Say you renounce all your worldly possessions and head for a farm in Wyoming. Say you publicly trash all your artistic accomplishments and demand your star scraped off the Walk of Fame. Well, too bad. Your star is forever, and no amount of dumb verbal stereotyping or despicably abusive behavior can ever sway the committee to revoke your star. For better or worse, you're now a permanent fixture of Hollywood Boulevard. Get used to it.