Chance The Rapper And Lil B Are 'Jordan Twinz' On Their Joint Mixtape: Listen

Allow Chance and Lil B to re-introduce themselves.

If you were surprised, confused, or ecstatic when Chance the Rapper and Lil B announced plans to to drop a collaborative project, then you should take a second to gather your emotions, because that tape has arrived.

Chano and the Based God dropped their Free (Based Freestyles) mixtape on Wednesday, August 5, with no warning. They teamed up for six tracks, and it definitely sounds like they just had fun while recording this one, especially with titles like "Do My Dance" and "We Rare."

On "First Mixtape," for example, they trade bars, back-and-forth rapping a bit about their start.

"First mixtape/ Not a mistake/ Not a dis tape/ Tryna escape," Chance spits. "I was stuck in a band, he was stuck in a Pack/ We was rapping 'bout bands/ Got hella fans. And I understood the peace of the world is more important/ You know that the sh-t that that we recording don't ever be written/ We the greatest like Jordan/ If he a twin...Rivers of Jordan."

Oh, and Chance's official introduction for the project? "It's called #Free and yes it's real. Conceived from magic, love, acid and bases. We made this the moment we met. Available for free on Twitter."

Magic, people. Get on that.