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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' New Song Is Giving Fans 'All The Tears'

Ed Sheeran's chorus on 'Growing Up (Sloane's Song)' probably helped, too.

After almost three years, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis broke their musical silence on Wednesday, August 5.

For the first time since 2012 (barring last year's Fences collaboration "Arrows"), the Seattle-based duo delivered a new track. A heartfelt message to Macklemore's newborn daughter, "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)" finds the guys -- with the help of Ed Sheeran's chorus -- doing what they do best: merging lavish production with sincere raps for a track that's equal parts catchy and meaningful.

Not surprisingly, fans were both overcome with excitement -- the song release was a long time coming, and arrived unexpectedly -- and emotionally moved. Some of them, even to tears. And hey, who can blame 'em?

  • Commence Crying
  • Even If You're At Work
  • Beauty Tears
  • Seal Tears
  • Emoji Tears
  • Tears From A Soon-To-Be Mom
  • Life Completion Tears
  • Why Me Tears
  • Succinct Tears
  • There Are No Tears Left
  • Maybe It's Too Late, But Here's Your Warning

You can listen to the song below (at your own tear-inducing risk).