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A Teen Released A Balloon For Her Late Father And What Happened Next Is Pretty Amazing


When a teen wrote a letter to her late father looking for a sign, she got much more than she expected.

According to NBC News, Saige Seibold's father, Johnny, lost his fight with pancreatic cancer in 2014. On Father's Day of this year, Saige and her mother Sandy visited his grave in Sterling, Okla., where she brought a letter she had written to him attached to a "#1 Dad" balloon.

On the envelope, her mother had requested that whoever found the letter make Saige's day "by sending a response." They released the message, and after it got caught in power lines, they went about their day not knowing something pretty special was about to happen.

Later, after they made the 25-mile trek back home to Cement, Okla., Saige went to a pasture on their property to think. It was there that she saw the message she had sent to her father, hanging on the second rail of her family's barbed wire fence.

Saige's mom said, "We thought sending a balloon to heaven would be a good idea." Turns out, they were right.

Watch the Seibolds recount their touching story below.

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