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Watch This Guy Transform A Shower Curtain Into Kim Kardashian's Designer Dress

Teach us your ways.

We've seen plenty of makeup transformations cropping up around the internet, but what about celebrity couture transformations? Thankfully, Mina Gerges felt that notable absence as well and has been working to fill the void.

Mina has recreated versions of some of the most memorable designer moments in recent memory, from Beyoncé's Met Gala dress to Katy Perry's half-naked Moschino ad. In a DIY video for HuffPost Canada Style, Mina shows us all the hard work that goes into making top-designer dresses on a low-end budget.

To recreate Kim Kardashian's Proenza Schouler dress that she wore for the CFDA Awards (remember, the one that caught on fire), Mina took a sheer shower curtain and supplies he found in the craft section at a dollar store.

"The hardest part is figuring out how to make a dress look like a dress when you're starting off with a garbage bag," he explains. "But somehow it always works out."

Maybe instead of shelling out tons of dough for clothing we should all start wearing shower curtains and garbage bags? The world will be full of crinkles, sure, but also way fancier—just something to consider.