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Yesss — We Finally Know What Zendaya's Shoe Line Will Look Like


After announcing plans for a shoe collection in the spring and giving us a rundown of the designs a few weeks ago, we finally have a look at some of the shoes from Zendaya's shoe collection, Sole of Daya.

She just shared a photo on Instagram with a circle of shoes surrounding a bowl of flowers with the caption: "Oh and I'm a shoe designer😏😂 @luxurylaw #Daya" Like she told us, there are heels, sandals, sneakers, pretty much any style of shoe you could think of because girl knows what the people want. She also dished out more deets on Twitter, saying that all of the shoes will be under $200 and she "insisted on extra padding for squishiness in all the heels."

The line doesn't officially drop until fall, but this preview has us feeling like that's lifetimes away. With a shoe line this good at 18, maybe her dream of creating a clothing line isn't too far off.