Why Did [SPOILER] Become The First To Go On 'America's Best Dance Crew'?

Judge T-Pain explains the reasons the troupe was eliminated.

It's always hard being the first to go in a competitive environment, but one talented "America's Best Dance Crew" troupe was sent packing during week two of the energetic, VMAs-themed, all-star season. Judges T-Pain, Teyana Taylor and Frankie Grandie were forced to pick between the previously named bottom finisher We Are Heroes and the second-lowest team Elektrolytes -- based on the groups' performances to a tune by a VMA-winning or nominated artist that best showcased their skills and personalities during the premiere episode.

After action-packed displays for this week's task -- We Are Heroes danced to Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On" while Elektrolytes chose Jason Derulo's "Want to Want Me" -- did the trio of judges eliminate the only all-female victors or the electrifying athlete gold medalists?

Sadly, it's the end of the road for We Are Heroes -- and as T-Pain explains in the clip below, the decision was "hard."

"This week, We Are Heroes were the worst of the best," the Grammy winner states about the talented ladies. "They're still champions; they're still part of history. We're dealing with the best of the best, so we gotta find the best of the best."

So what ultimately set the Elektrolytes apart from We Are Heroes? Hear T-Pain talk about the desert boys from Arizona and, for an added bonus, hear the guys open up about what it felt like to be named safe. And be sure to keep watching "ABDC" every Wednesday night at 11/10c!