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Demi Lovato Shaves A Dentist’s Head After Delivering A Singing Telegram

Oh, and it was after she and James Cordon gave him $4,000.

Demi Lovato and James Corden may just have a good thing going as an incredible singing duo.

The two joined forces for the "Late Late Show" where they jumped in a car and traveled around town delivering singing telegrams to some pretty lucky, and well deserving, people.

Dressed in gold blazers, accessorized with yellow bandanas, top hats and a handful of balloons, the two first stopped at a Dry Bar to congratulate Sarah on her recent promotion. But, before the entered inside, there of course were some Dry Bar jokes.

"I don't know why they just don't call this place Blow Jobs," Demi joked before James added. "If you opened a hair dry bar you could call it 'Demi Lovato's Blowies'."

The jokes continued throughout their song as they gave Sarah, and the salon, quite the memorable, "When it comes to blowin' people, Sarah has no fears," Demi sang.

Next up on their list was Cory, who was celebrating his 25th birthday, and before busting in on a work meeting to sing a song all about his favorite condiment, mayonnaise, Demi and James played a twist on the game, "F--k, Marry, Kill" called "Cruise, Marry, Shag." It was a hard choice, but they decided to Cruise with Nicki Minaj and Tom Cruise, shag Mark Ruffalo and Rihanna and marry Hugh Jackman and Beyonce.

The final stop proved to be the most memorable as they crashed dentist Dr. Engel's office. See, Dr. Engel just raised $6,000 for the YMCA, but promised if he raised $10,000 he would shave his head. Being the good smaritans that they are, Demi and James sang a song, of course it was to the tune of "YMCA" and surprised Dr. Engel with his extra $4,000.

Being a man true to his word, he then let Demi shave his head and it's just as hilarious as you would imagine.