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Miley Is Basically Living In A '90s Movie This Week

Sleepovers? Singalongs? All she needs is a yellow Jeep.

Miley Cyrus is basically living a '90s/early '00s teen movie montage this week -- not only did she have what looks to have been an epically stereotypical sleepover with her pals Tuesday, she also broke down rock standard "Pour Some Sugar On Me" with parody metal band Steel Panther and her dad, Billy Ray.

The West Hollywood House of Blues on the Sunset Strip officially shuts it doors on Friday, according to Billboard, and Miley and Co. helped honor the iconic location with a rousing rendition of Def Leppard's confusingly sexual hit.

Miley doesn't really do that much singing -- she doesn't even have microphone -- but she does strut around the stage like she's in the party scene of a '00s rom-com in which the main character "cuts loose" for the first time. Not that Miley has never cut loose before (she even FOMOs topless) -- but, still.

Then, Cyrus capped off the evening/early a.m. with what looks to be a sleepover for the ages -- donning face masks with pals, including Phantogram's Sarah Barthel.

Oh, they also watched a "RuPaul's Drag Race" marathon and ate a cake shaped like a skull, so it was a distinctly Miley night.

Next time you go all retro, lady, give a '90s kid a call.