Han Myung-Gu/Getty

Wonder Girls Have A New Single And '80s-Inspired K-Pop Is Here For All Of Us

Bring on the keytars. All of them.

K-Pop fans, rejoice! South Korea's Wonder Girls are back with a silky, '80s throwback tune arriving just in time to remind you how much of summer is left (hint: not THAT much). It's called "I Feel You" and it's from the girls' latest album Reboot, which features a revamped band lineup and plenty of wonderfully kitschy '80s hallmarks, especially the keytar.

"I Feel You" is a slice of pure synthpop heaven that recalls Madonna in its most twinkly moments. And it's a great reintroduction of the band that in 2009 became the first K-pop act to break through and land a song on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart -- a feat that propelled them onto the main stage opening for the Jonas Brothers on their world tour.

But there's a bigger question here: Is '80s-inspired K-Pop the new dish du jour? A few months ago, we rounded up some modern K-Pop songs ripped straight from the '90s, and while there's no denying the slow-jam strength of BigBang's "Bad Boy" and the Spice Girls modernization that is Girls Generation, "I Feel That" sounds nothing like either of those.

In fact, its unabashed '80s vibes are kind of a nice retreat from the boy- and girl-band sound we've come to expect from K-Pop lately. This "new wave" (get it?) of Reagan-era K-Pop may be cresting over our hemisphere right now.

And if it brings with it more keytars, I posit that this is a very, very good thing. The best thing, even.