'Teen Wolf' Debut: The Desert Wolf Is Finally Coming To Beacon Hills

Find out who's playing Malia's mom!

One of "Teen Wolf"'s most enigmatic cases is about to get a big break: The Desert Wolf (aka Malia's birth mother) will make her highly anticipated debut on the hit series, therefore helping Scott McCall and his trusting pack get one step closer to truly uncovering her past and her motivations. So who will be portraying the werecoyote's parent, who was last seen during a disturbing flashback firing a gun at her daughter's vehicle during that tragic evening?

Marisol Nichols -- who is best known for her roles on "NCIS," "GCB," "The Gates" and "24" -- will be joining the MTV cast. And what can fans expect from this cryptic, code-named character? Here's what limited information we can tell you: The actress will portray "the mysterious but pivotal character, The Desert Wolf, who returns to Beacon Hills." But we need more!

In the meantime, someone better alert mercenary Braeden about the DW's upcoming arrival...

What are your theories about The Desert Wolf, and what are you hoping will be revealed? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to keep watching "Teen Wolf" every Monday at 10/9c!