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These 'Pretty Little Liars' Questions Will Make You Doubt Your Sanity

Who's A? Are you A? Am I A? Our heads are already spinning.

It's hard to believe that after six seasons, A will finally be unmAsked on the season 6 midseason finale of "Pretty Little Liars." (Well, technically, his identity has already been revealed, but only Ali has seen him. Lucky her.)

But A isn't the only mystery looming over "PLL" ahead of next week's finale. Here are some questions from last night's A-mazing episode that we need answered ASAP:

  1. Who is Charles?

    Even though we're so close to finding out who A is on "PLL," we still have no idea who that person could be. Sure, the "Wren is A" theory definitely makes the most sense, given his affiliation to Radley and interest in the Liars, but even his story isn't 100 percent convincing. (It's hard to believe that, even in a town like Rosewood, Charles would be able to acquire a medical license.)

    In the finale sneak peek above, it looks like all roads do, in face, lead back to Radley. Standing on the roof of the Sanitarium, A looks to be contemplating suicide. As police arrive on the scene, Alison screams, "I’ll do whatever it takes to help you!" As the cops on the ground raise their weapons and direct their aim at Charles, Emily says, "Don’t do this to your sister."

    At this point, the Liars clearly know who A is, and given Emily's comment, it's definitely Charles... or maybe it's Jason? IDK. What if Jason's been pretending to be Charles this whole time? What if he knew about his brother and wanted revenge? At this point, anyone other than Wren would be an actual surprise.

  2. Is Rhys Matthews a cop or a bad guy?
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    One of the big reveals in this week's episode was that Clark was an undercover cop -- and not one of Charles' minions. What does this say about his meeting with Rhys Matthews in the abandoned doll warehouse? Is Rhys also law enforcement? Is the Carissimi Group actually trying to help the Liars? Or was Clark following Rhys on his shady errand?

  3. Did Charles really kill Mrs. DiLaurentis?
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    Is Charles actually behind everything terrible thing that has gone down in Rosewood? Would he really kill his mom? Voice of reason, Pam Fields, doesn't think so, and honestly, we're not so convinced either. After all, Mr. Hastings would have done anything to protect Spencer -- and we know Mrs. D was about to blame Spencer for Ali's "death." Could Mr. Hastings be the bad guy behind Mrs. DiLaurentis' murder? This theory seems kinda legit.

  4. Is this the end of Ezria?
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    Listen, we know Ezria is a very popular ship on "PLL," but we have to admit that we're pretty impressed with where the writers have taken their story line. With Aria going to Los Angeles for the summer, and Ezra jetting off to Thailand with Habitat For Humanity, it's likely that this is the end of Ezria... for now. And that's totally normal. Aria's feelings are totally valid; she did miss out on a normal teenage experience being with Ezra. It's only natural that she'd want a break. When "PLL" jumps ahead five years for season 6B, Aria and Ezra will both be in a better, more mature place to rekindle their romance -- because obviously, that needs to happen.

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