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Here's Why 'Wildest Dreams' Is Taylor Swift's Best Choice For Next Single

Excellent decision, Swift.

Taylor Swift has chosen "Wildest Dreams" as the next breakout from 1989. This will be the fifth single from the best-selling album, which was released in October.

"Wildest Dreams" follows "Shake It Off," "Blank Space," "Style" and her "Bad Blood" remix with Kendrick Lamar. By the way, all of those songs went to #1 except for "Style," which peaked at #6 on the Billboard charts. The record for most #1s off one album currently belongs to Katy Perry and Michael Jackson, who both had five. Could Taylor be vying for the record?

Either way, "Wildest Dreams" is an excellent choice. Here's why:

  1. It's a fan favorite.

    But then again, which 1989 song isn't a fan favorite?

  2. She already has a remix prepped.

    On her 1989 World Tour, she mashes up "Wildest Dreams" with her Speak Now track "Enchanted." I could definitely see this being recorded and released. How badass would it be if Taylor remixed herself?

  3. It's got Karlie Kloss' stamp of approval.

    In a recent video for Glamour, Tay's supermodel BFF can be seen listening to the track while delivering magazines.

  4. It's singalong worthy.

    It's going to be so much fun to do a collective sigh with your friends when this song comes on the radio. "In your wiiiildest dreams uh-ah-ahhhhhhh."

  5. It's about time for a ballad.

    Taylor's been releasing some real bangers lately (you can call them that, right?), but she hasn't released a sweet, slow track off this album yet, even though there's a few. It's time to slow it down a little.

  6. It tells the story of a universal feeling of longing.

    "Wildest Dreams" is a track about holding onto a lingering love, even if its time has passed. It's really bittersweet, but we'll all been there. It's easy to relate to.

Why do you think "Wildest Dreams" is a great next single? Tell us in the comments.